Pomegranate Khandvi Lasagne

This is what happens when you go global !! Anyways Gujarati rocks….A wonderful delicious mouthwatering dish that delights the palate !!

the veggie fix


Khandvi is probably my favorite Gujarati dish to make and eat. Making perfect paper thin, translucent khandvi is true art, I believe. And I must admit I can’t make it the way my mum does. Nonetheless, I can make it, well enough to satisfy a greedy craving.

Traditional khandvi can get boring after a while and Masterchef has only taught us to elevate traditional dishes to something where imagination is given a chance to appear as an art. Khandvi is basically a result of 3 ingredients — gram flour, buttermilk, salt and sometimes turmeric.

Our second week in the Masterchef Kitchen started with a Mystery Box challenge which had pomegranate, water chestnut, cucumber, physalis (cape gooseberry), lentils and walnuts. In addition, a regular support pantry with flours, sugars, dairy and basics.


I decided to turn that typical yellow khandvi batter to something more fun like purple (or pink?)! And then…

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Real Life, Creative & Unscripted


Less weight needed,
I gravitated to a higher level,
I float away,
I row away on a boat,
I sway to the side,
Easily swept off my feet,
I am reborn now.

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